oak room

you mention "oak" and it just ozzes class....

at rosebank, carlos and jono have proudly created an elevated, natural, bespoke meeting space created from american oak.

the oakroom has been designed as a private dining room, or meeting space hosting up to 18 people.

as a venue, rosebank can host over 150 guests

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both locally grown and international wines have been handpicked, to entice the most concerning wine enthusiast at rosebank.

rosebank is extremely proud to showcase local brewers brothers beer as our beer of choice on the tap.

brothers full range will always be available if not from the tap, then from the bottle.

A revolving guest tap will give you the opportunity to sample some of NZ's craftiest brewers, depending on the season, a unanimous request from the public, or something that catches our eye (and palate) as a limited run.

rosebank poached pear tart


a bouquet of almost "too good" to eat cakes, slices and all things sweet greet all that enter rosebank.

housed in immaculate glass, all of our creations are designed by our talented and passionate pastry team.

custard filled donuts, s'mores tarts and raw slices are a small sample of what greets your eyes at rosebank.


hired space

private dining and venue hire available.

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